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I Still Keep You in My Heart

I Still Keep You in My Heart

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I'm Still The Same
I'm Still In Love With You
I'm Still Here
Waiting For You
I Don't Know Your Reasons
I Don't Why You Walked
Away From Me
All I Can Say Is I Still Love You
I'm Still The Same
The Same Sweet MAN That
You Had The Chance To Love.
I Still Keep You In My Heart.
Baby, Maybe You Don't Even Read This,
Maybe My Emails Mean Nothing To You,
Maybe My Emails Where Sent To Unwanted Messages
Maybe You Want Time
Maybe You Need Time To Think About Us
Maybe You Loved Me For A While
Maybe You Want To Take Me Out of Your Life
Maybe You Want Delete All Your Feelings Inside
Maybe You Thought Better About To Have Me In Your Life.
Maybe You Didn't Want To Hurt Me
Telling Me Good Bye .....
So You Just Decided Disappear
Leaving Just Emptiness In My Heart..
I'll Keep Waiting For You When You've
Decided To Come Back
I'm Going To Be Here As Just Your Friend
Or Whatever You Want,
All I Can Tell You
I'm Still In Love With You ... ♥
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