What Cant Be Burned in Fire

1. Tall I am Young, Short I am Old?
2. What can go up and come down without moving?
3. What can pass before the sun without making a shadow?
4. What can’t be burned in fire, nor drowned in water?
5. What does everyone have that goes up, but never comes down.

1. A Candle
2. Temperature
3. The Earth or Wind
4. Air
5. Their Age

He Gave Sarah Seven Apples

A Doctor and a Bus Driver are Both in Love With the
Same woman, An Attractive Girl named Sarah.
The Bus Driver had to go on a Long Bus Trip
That would Last a Week. Before He Left,
He Gave Sarah Seven Apples. Why?

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away! 🙂

How Fast Can You Guess These Words

How Fast Are You?
How Fast Can You Guess These Words:

1. BOO _ S
2. _ _ NDOM
3. P _ N _ S
4. F _ _ K
5. PU _ S _
6. S _ X

1. Books
2. Random
3. Pants
4. Folk
5. Purse
6. Six

Its Challenge For You

Solve The Case?
1 Admi Ka Qatal Hoa Sunday
7 Jan, 2007
Us Ki Biwi Ne Police Ko Bulaya.
Police Sab Se Sawal Puchne Lagi:
Wife: Sir, Mai So Rhi Thi Jis Waqt Qatal Hoa.
Cook: Mai Khana Paka Rha Tha.
Mali: Mai Phulon Ko Pani De Rha Tha.
Nokar: Mai Post Office Gya Hoa Tha.
Bachy: Hum Khelny Gaye The.
Parosi: Hum Shadi me gaye howe The.
Police Ne Foran Qatil Ko Arrest Kr Lia.
Jawab Isi Mai Hai Ghor Se Parhna.
Its a Challenge For You.

Answer: Qatil Hai NOKAR (Sunday Ko Koi Post Office open nai Hota) 🙂

1 Larka aur 1 Larki Dono Examination Hall

Mujhy is Quiz ka Ans chahey.
1 larka or 1 larki
Examination hall mai paper de rhy thy..
larki ne larke se kaha:
Mujhy paper karwa do..
Larka bola: Mujhe kya Do Gi?
larki boli: Main tumhain
11..9..19..19.. Dungi..

11..9..19..19 ka kia matlb hai?
Reply is must
Its Challenge

Answer: Kiss!
Because (abc) me 11 number

At a Crime Seen a Man Was Hung

At a crime seen a man was hung.
It seemed he did it to himself
but there was no furniture there,
all there were, was a puddle of water.
How did he do it?

Answer: He was on a block of ice.

What Color is The Bus Driver's Eyes?

You’re driving a bus from New York to Chicago.
On this long trip, there were many stops.
This is what happened on a few. 6 people got on,
3 people got off. 14 people got on, 12 people got off.
8 people got on 1 person got off and finally 7 people got on,
13 people got off. What color is the bus driver’s eyes?

Answer: What ever color your eyes are because in the first sentence it says,”You’re driving a bus…”