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The Holy Month of Ramadan is just about to come. This Holy Month "Ramadan" is most superior month is Islamic Calendar. Allah has gifted this Holy Month to prepare ourselves for right path according to Holy Quran, Hadith and Sunnat-e-Nabvi. Sometime we forget the real teaching of Islam just because of DEVIL/SHETAN but in this month Allah again invites all those who had perverted from right path. Its our pleasure to have a category of "Ramadan SMS" for you.

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Fasting Does Not Really Mean

Fasting doesn't really mean
Just to keep off eating or drinking
But the real purpose of Fasting is to
Avoid yourself from all wrong deeds
And be obedience to teachings of Islam.

Wish you a very blessed Ramadan.

Aftari K Waqt Dua Na Mangny Waly

Aftari K Waqt Dua Na Mangny Waly Roza Daar
Ki Misaal Us Mazdoor Jaisi Hai Jo Sara Din Kam
Karny K Baad Apni Mazdoori Na Lekar Jaye ...
Aftari K Waqt Roza Daar Ki Dua Raad Nhi Hoti
Ibn e Majah

Jo Shakhs Ramzan Mein

Hazoor S.A.W.W Ne Farmaya:
Jo Shakhs Ramzan Mein Kisi Ka Roza Khulwaye
To Us K Sily Mein Allah Us K Gunah Baksh De Ga
Aur Usko Jahanum Ki Aag Se Nijat De Ga
Aur Aftar Krany Waly Ko
Roza Dar K Barabar Sawab Dega
Aur Roza Dar K Sawab Mein Koi Kami Na Hogi.
Mazeed Farmaya:
Sirf Aik Khajoor Se Ya Doodh Ya Pani K
Aik Ghoont Se Aftar Kara Dena Bhi Kafi Hai.

Tasbeehat For Holy Ramadan

Tasbeehat For Holy Ramadan:

1st Ashra:
ياحي ياقيوم برحمتك استغيث
2nd Ashra:
استغفر الله ربي من كل ذنب واتوب اليه
3rd Ashra:
الهم اجرني من النار

Have a Blessed Ramadan

Holy Ramadan with Full Grace

May Allah Help us to Spend
Holy Ramadan with Full Grace
And To Enjoy Its Blessings.

Ramadan Mubarak

Ahmed Sahab Ramzan Mubarak

Aik Hindu aur Eisai Sehra Mein Bhatak Gaye
Bhook Aur Pyas Se Marny Waly Thy K Unhein
Door Aik Masjid Nazar Aai, Hindi Bola:
Dekho Wo Masjid Hai, Agar Hum Khud Ko
Muslim Zahir Karain To Hamain Waha Se
Kuch Khany Peeny Ko Mil Sakta Hai..
Main Apna Naam Ahmed Bataon Ga
Magar Eisai Ne Khud Ko Muslim Zahir
Krny Se Inkar Kr Diya. To Imam Ne Dono Ka
Khusdili Se Istaqbal Kiya aur Naam Poochy.
Hindi: Main Ahmed Hon
Eisai: Main Michael Hon
Imam Sahab Ne Aik Shakhs Ko Bulaya Aur Kaha
Michael Sahab K Khany K Liye Kuch Lao
Phir Hindu Ki Taraf Mury Aur Kaha
Ahmed Sahab: Ramzan Mubarak face-smile.png

Beautiful Month of Fasting

May Allah,
The Exalted,
Bless You and Your Family
With a Beautiful Month of Fasting
And Nearness to HIM.

Ramadan Day Mubarak

From Dawn To Dusk We Fast

The Holy Month of Ramadan
For All Muslims Has Begun.
Praising Allah Through The Day,
From Dawn To Dusk we Fast and Pray.
We Pay Zakah (Charity) For Those in Need,
Trying Hard to Do Good Deeds.

Wishing You Wonderful Ramadan

Ramadan Last Day Quotes on Chand Raat

I Looked Over Sky and
Asked The Shiny Star
Where's The Moon ..
Star Replied
It will Appear Soon,
As God Has Gifted
One More Day of
Blessed Ramadan

Happy Last Day of Ramadan
Happy Chand Raat

Ramadan Last Friday Quotes

Holy Ramadan is Guest To Us
And Today is Last Friday of Ramadan
Most of us Wishing Advance Eid ul Fitr
But I'm Still Missing the Blessings of Ramadan.
By The End of Ramadan I just Pray Allah to
Forgive All of us And Bring Peace in Our Lives.
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