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When Someone Touches You

When Someone Touches You
And You Don't Feel It,
Its Ignorance.

When Someone Touches You
And You Feel It,
Its Love.

But When Nobody Touches You
But You Feel It, Then Its Khujli .. face-smile.png

Larka Bike Se Larki K Samny

Larka Bike Se Larki K Samny Zor Se Gira or
Sharmindagi Se Foran Khara Ho Gya

Larki: Oh My God. Apko Lagi To Nahi??

Larka: Nahi .. Main Bike Se Aisy Hi Utarta Hn .. face-smile.png

Insulting Jokes on Boys - Kiya Hataana Hai

Girl To Boy (in Party): Excuse Me!
Boy: Yes?
Girl: Meray Aik Hath Mein Plate Hai
Aur Aik Hath Mein Glass, I Can't Use Them..
Kia Aap Meray Face Pr Se Aik Cheez Hata Saktay Hain?
Boy (Very Happy): Ge Bolain Kia Hataana Hai?
Girl: [.. Read More For Boys vs Girls Insulting Jokes ..]

Human Without Sending SMS

Human= Eat + Work + Sleep + SMS

Donkey = Eat + Work + Sleep


Human = Donkey+ SMS

Human - SMS = Donkey

Hence Proved That Human
Without Sending SMS is Donkey
You're Human? face-smile.png

A True Lover Will Come

Do U Know Why Gap Between Fingers?
A True Lover Will Come & Fill The Gaps By Holding Ur Hands.
Now Plz don't Ask Me Why Gap Between The Legs? tongue.png

Koi Aapko Jab Pagal Kahe To

Koi Aapko Jab Pagal Kahe To..
To Dukhi Mat Hona,
Afsos Mat Karna,
Rona Bhi Nhi,
Darna Bhi Mat
Himat se Kharay Ho K Sochna



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A Beautiful Girl to Boy

A Beautiful Girl to boy: Can I take your picture??

Boy (happily): Awww... Of-course! Why not.

After taking the picture ...
Girl:- "Thank u very much,
I just love to [.. Read Full Funny SMS ..]

You Cant Convince A Monkey

Don't be Sad if a person prefers another person over you ...
Because you can't convince a monkey that honey is sweeter than a banana face-smile.png

Your Teeth are Like The Stars

Boy: Your Teeth Are Like The Stars

Girl: Awww ...
Are They That Much Pretty?

Boy: No, Far Away From Each Other ... face-smile-big.png

Success Can Replace Failure

Light can replace Dark.

Success can replace Failure.

Smile can replace Pain.

But nothing can replace YOU


Defective piece
No replacementface-smile.png
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