Insulting Jokes on Boys – Kiya Hataana Hai

Girl To Boy (in Party): Excuse Me!
Boy: Yes?
Girl: Meray Aik Hath Mein Plate Hai
Aur Aik Hath Mein Glass, I Can’t Use Them..
Kia Aap Meray Face Pr Se Aik Cheez Hata Saktay Hain?
Boy (Very Happy): Ge Bolain Kia Hataana Hai?
Girl: Apni Kuty Jesi Nazarain … 🙂

A Beautiful Girl to Boy

A Beautiful Girl to boy: Can I take your picture??

Boy (happily): Awww… Of-course! Why not.

After taking the picture …
Girl:- “Thank u very much,
I just love to collect Images of Natural
Disasters!” 🙂