Happy Independence Day of Pakistan

I’m Not Just Bombs,
Poverty & Corruption!!

I’m Edhi’s philanthropy.
I’m AQ Khan’s brilliance.
I’m Afridi’s exuberance.
I’m Miandad’s six.
I’m Nusrat fateh’s vocal chords.
I’m fastest growing IT industry.
I’m in four weathers.
I’ve 2nd highest mountain.
I’ve 8 of 20 highest peaks.
I’m 7th nuclear power.
I’m 4th nation to build cruise missiles.
I broke Soviet Union.
I’m hospitality.
I’m epitome of resilience.
I’m one of the few bravest nation of world.
Please Spread Optimism
Instead of Negativity About Me.
Happy Independence Day 🙂

Happy Independence Day 14th August

65 Years Back in August and Holy Month
Of Ramadan Allah has gifted us with
A separate homeland in the name of Pakistan.
Let’s celebrate this independence day with
This commitment that we’ll act as nation
To make this state strong and powerful.

Happy Independence Day,
Happy 14th August

Happy 23rd March, Pakistan's Day Quotes

Pakistan Day
Reminds us Year 1940
When Muslims of Subcontinent
Demanded a Separate Homeland
And with Leadership of our Quaid
And Allha‘s countless Blessings
Pakistan came into Existence ..
We’re an Independent Nation
We need to be United as One Nation

Happy Pakistan’s Day
Happy 23rd March

Happy Defense Day of Pakistan 6th September

A Message From Pakistan Army Soldier
A Pakistani Soldier’s Wish

I Don’t Want My Teenage Queen,
Just Give Me My Craft F – 16 …

If I Die in a Battle Zone,
Box Me Up & Send Me Home …

Put My Medals on My Chest,
Tell My Mom I Did My Best,

Tell My Nation Not To Cry,
I Was a Soldier Born to Die …!

Happy Defense Day of Pakistan (6th September)