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Aur Tanha Hotay Gaye

Majma-e-Ehbaab Tha Abhi Kal Ki Baat Hai,

Shana'sayi Barhti Gai Aur Tanha Hotay Gaye.

Good Night

Raat K 2 Bajay Bhi

Ek Line Jo Ladkiyo or Ladko Ka Dil
Raat Ko 2 Bajay Bhi Tod Sakti Hai ...





"The Number U Have Dialed is
Busy on Another Call,
Please Try Again Later"

Good Night face-smile.png

Romantic Good Night SMS For GF

One Day,
We'll Never
Have to Say
Good Bye,
Good Night .. tongue.png

Kissing You All The Night

Don't Use Yo Blanket Just Think About My Love it Will Warm You,
Don't Use Pillow Just Think About My Hands it Will Trap Your Head,
Don't Close Yo Mouth I Will Be Kissing You All Night.
Good Night, I Love You

Promise To Sleep Tight

Promise Me to Sleep Tight.
While Realizing and Believing
There Will Always Be Love
From Me to You and
You to Me in Your Sleep,
In your Dreams and
When You Open Your Candy-Eyes.

Goodnight Quotes For Lover

Legend Says, When You
Can't Sleep at Night,
Its Because You are Awake
In Someone's Else's Dream. face-smile.png

Good Night My Love

Good Night Funny Shayari

Chamakty Chand Ko Nend Aany Lagi

Apki Hansi Se Dunya Jagmagane Lagi

Dekh Kr Apko Chandni Gungunane Lagi

Ab To Jhot Bolty Bolty Mujhe Bhi Neend Aany Lagi ..

Good Night face-smile.png

Behind My Smile is Tears

Behind My Smile is a
Hurting Heart.
Behind My Laugh,
I'm Falling Apart.
Behind My Smile,
Is Tears at Night. face-sad.png

Khush Nasib Kal Ki Raat Guzri

Bohat Khush Nasib Kal Ki RAAT Guzri

Kuch Tanha Pr Kuch Khas Guzri

Na Neend Aai Na Khuwab Koi

Bas Terey Khayalon K Sath Guzri ..

Just Lying Down and Sleep Tight

Baby you are smart, you are kind
Let your problems get out of your mind
No matter where they go, left or right
Just lying down and sleep tight

From My Heart Saying GOOD NIGHT
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