My Dad is The Piolot

A lovable story

A plane was flying through the clouds
Suddenly it lost the balance..

Everyone started shouting in fear..
But a small boy kept playing with his toy..

After an hour the flight was landed safely..

A man asked the boy..
“How could you play with your toy when everyone was afraid?”

the boy smiled and said ..
My dad is the pilot. I knew he will land me safely.”

Love is trust
Trust is life..

Father and Son Have Stretched Wistful Hands

For thousands of years,
father and son have stretched wistful hands
across the canyon of time.

Alan Valentine

Being The Child of Such a Father

None of you can ever be proud
enough of being the child of such a Father
who has not his equal in this world
so great, so good, so faultless.
Try, all of you, to follow in his footsteps
and don’t be discouraged,
for to be really in everything like him none of you,
I am sure, will ever be.
Try, therefore, to be like him in some points,
and you will have acquired a great deal.
Queen Victoria of England