Answers of a Brilliant Student

Answers of a Brilliant Student Who Obtained 0%
Q. In Which Battle Did Napoleon Die?
A. His last battle.
Q. Where was the Declaration of Independence Signed?
A. At the Bottom of the Page.
Q. River Ravi flows in which state?
A. Liquid.
Q. Whats the Main Reason For Divorce?
A. Marriage.
Q. Whats The Main Reason for Failure?
A. Examinations.

Did The Student Answered Anything Wrong

Silence of A Friend in Examination Hall

Thousand Words Of A Teacher Never Hurts





The Silence Of A Friend
In The Examination Hall
Tears To The Eyes 😀

You Read The Question Paper

Height of Coolness:
Two Guys coming out of the examination Hall
with chips and coke in hands….
1st guy: Which paper was it?
2nd guy: I think maths……
1st guy: (surprisingly) you read the question paper?
2nd guy: No I see a girl sitting besides me using calculator

Every Exams in Your Life

Rain of Summer, Snow of Winter,
Grace of Autumn, Glory of Spring,
May Beauty of Every Season
Give ur Heart a Beautiful Reason to Smile.
May God Succeed you in Every Exams of ur Life.
Good Luck and All The Best