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Touching Holi Wishes and SMS

If Wishes come in Rainbow Colors
Then I would send
The Brightest one to say
Happy Holi.
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Wish You a Very Wonderful Holi

Bright colors,
water balloons,
lavish gujiyas and melodious songs
are the ingredients of perfect Holi.
Wish you a very happy and wonderful Holi.
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Holi Comes with Colors

Holi comes with colors of life
Having lots of joyful moments
To Make it Memorable ..
May this Holi Brings
Joys and fun in you life
And fills you life
With Happiness

Happy Holi 2014
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I Love You Today

I Love You Today
As I Did From The Start.
I'll Love You Forever
With All of My Heart.

Happy Valentine's Day
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You Are All I Dream of

It's still a mystery to me,
I haven't got a clue,
How I got so lucky
And found you!

You're all I dream of
Always and forever ..

Happy Valentine's Day
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Your Name in My Heart

I wrote your name in the ocean.
But the wind blew it away.

I write your name in the sand.
But the waves washed it away.

I write your name in my heart.
And it will stay there forever. tongue.png

Happy Valentine's Day My Lover
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By Hearts You are In Me

By Smile..
You're Far From Me!
By Thoughts ..
You're Close To Me!
By Heart ..
You're in Me....!

Happy Valentine's Day
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Love and Hugs On Valentine

Sending You Love and Hugs
On Valentines Day ..
To Let You Know That
You're Very Special To Me.

Happy Valentine's Day
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It Hurts Alot When You Trust

It hurts alot when you trust someone blindly
And that someone proves that you are actually blind...!!!
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Log Apno Ki Inayat Se

Mun-hasir Ahl-e-Sitam Pr Hi Nhi Hai Mohsin

Log Apno Ki Inayat Se Bhi Mar Jatay Hain .....!
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